Connecting Schools with Healthcare – Hesky Kutscher, CEO of CareDox

In this episode of Creating a New Healthcare, Dr. Zeev Neuwirth interviews Hesky Kutscher, the CEO of CareDox.  Hesky is an experienced, bottom line entrepreneur who is also driven by a mission to radically improve the system of healthcare for school children.  In this episode, Hesky describes the CareDox digital platform which is a 4-way platform that connects school health to parents, pediatricians & payers.   CareDox has developed and is deploying a data-rich, analytic, digital platform to support, integrate and enhance the medical care of schoolchildren.  As Hesky describes, the application of this approach will result in improved outcomes of care & lower costs through preventive measures such as assuring vaccinations; alerting school nurses, parents & pediatricians of impending problems; and ultimately, through the reduction of preventable & avoidable emergency room visits & hospitalizations.