An online program for pediatric weight loss – with Joanna Strober, CEO of Kurbo

In this episode of Creating a New Healthcare, Dr. Zeev Neuwirth interviews Joanna Strober, the CEO of Kurbo.  Kurbo is an online program that can be accessed via a digital app that provides motivational coaching and nutritional dietary guidance to children, parents and families who are attempting to improve their nutrition and optimize their weight.  Joanna – a long time investor in technology start-ups focused on families and children – was wholly dissatisfied with the options available to her in helping her own son lose weight.  As a result, she turned the Stanford Obesity Program into a consumer-oriented, kid-friendly app called Kurbo.  Since 2014, Kurbo has helped thousands of children and their parents eat healthier and achieve a healthier weight.  In addition to the physical benefits of weight loss, Joanna illustrates the social, emotional and behavioral benefits of these children learning how to eat better and maintaining a healthier weight.  One remarkable story that she shares with us is that the Singapore government – after a side-by-side prospective study comparing Kurbo to their own program – has instituted the Kurbo program in its entire school system – as a government benefit for children who are overweight or obese.