The Third Era of Medicine with Dr. Don Berwick, President Emeritus, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

In this episode of Creating a New Healthcare, Dr. Zeev Neuwirth interviews Don Berwick – widely recognized as one of the most influential & impactful healthcare leaders of our time. His foundational contributions to the quality, safety & reliability movement in healthcare – beginning in the late 1980’s – have led to profound reductions in medical errors in the United States and abroad.  Among his numerous contributions, Don co-founded and led the Institute for Healthcare Improvement for 18 years – an organization that has shifted the landscape of healthcare delivery; catalyzed the healthcare quality movement; and whose overall positive impact on domestic & global healthcare is almost immeasurable.  He has served numerous key leadership roles such as in the Institute of Medicine (IOM) & the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services; and has authored and co-authored numerous landmark publications such as the IOM’s ‘To Err is Human’ and ‘Crossing the Quality Chasm’.  In this interview, Dr. Berwick provides us with detailed principles for the creation of a “third era of medicine” – an era in which we can more fully realize the goals of the triple aim – better medical care for patients, better health & health outcomes, and lower costs of care; and in which we can support our physicians & other providers of care in performing clinical work that is meaningful and sustainable.  Dr. Berwick is an unparalleled physician-scientist-scholar, and a humanitarian leader whose integrity, vision & insights hold practical wisdom and guidance for any leader contemplating the future of healthcare delivery; and whose compelling stories provide us with directed purpose, inspiration & hope.