Digital Behavioral Medicine with Sean Duffy, Co-founder & CEO of Omada Health

In this episode of Creating a New Healthcare, Dr. Zeev Neuwirth interviews Sean Duffy, who is one of the most lauded pioneers in the space of digital health & digital behavioral medicine. Sean and his colleagues at Omada Health are clearly trailblazers in numerous ways. The company has used the foundation of a widely-respected, evidence-based intervention — the National Diabetes Prevention Program — and transformed it into a convenient, digital platform that is consumer-oriented, customer-friendly, and that delivers a personalized experience for users. Sean and his team focus their intervention on a specific, clinical population that represents one of our nation’s most significant and growing healthcare problems — those at elevated risk for type diabetes and other obesity-related chronic conditions. While capturing some of the most cutting-edge approaches to behavior change, Omada has incorporated their solution into the mainstream of healthcare delivery, adhering to all regulatory requirements while working to have the intervention coded and paid for like any other billable event. Omada’s plan is not to go around the legacy healthcare system, but to become a working part of it.  Sean’s Omada story is one of courage, conviction & commitment – toward taking patient-centered care, the patient user experience & patient engagement to the 10X realm.  It’s a story you will definitely want to hear.