Value-Based Care with Stuart Levine MD, Chief Medical & Innovation Officer for Agilon Health; Chief Physician Advisor to Google Health Research

In this episode of Creating a New Healthcare, Dr. Zeev Neuwirth interviews Stuart Levine – one of the most experienced & accomplished physician executives in the realm of value-based care.  Dr. Levine has been deeply engaged in providing comprehensive care under global capitation for decades.  He brings a clarity and practical wisdom to the complex topic of clinical care & cost stewardship; as well as a deep sense of professional responsibility to high quality, safe & effective patient-centered care.  He describes a managed care environment that is both practical and personalized.  He also describes a healthcare construct that is rewarding and sustainable for physicians & other providers of medical care.  In this in-depth interview, Stuart outlines ‘the six pillars of care’ – a time-tested and proven model for population-based, value-based care.  Stuart places a tremendously high premium on spending more upfront & supporting a relationship-based approach to patient care – which he has proven saves both lives & money.  He advocates for a human-centered care that is fiscally responsible.  The picture that Stuart paints provides us with hope for a better future in healthcare.