Digital Health with Sara Vaezy, Chief of Digital Strategy for Providence St. Joseph Health

This is the first of two amazing interviews featuring the topic of Digital Health and its integration into healthcare delivery at Providence St. Joseph Health.  In this first interview, Sara Vaezy describes, in no uncertain terms, the ‘Existential Imperative’ that makes digital health an absolute requirement and a critical success factor for any organization contemplating a robust future in healthcare delivery.  Sara shares two customer-centric examples of how digital health is transforming healthcare at Providence St. Joseph Health – in their on-demand care services (Express Care); and in their Women’s Health offering (Circle).  She points out that, far from being a nice-to-do, the consumer-oriented digital health integration is moving “big needles” in terms of access, consumer satisfaction, growth and revenue. Sara talks about the work she and her colleagues are collaborating on – to create a 10X experience that enhances engagement and improves health outcomes. By 10X, she means a patient/consumer experience that is ten times better than what patients currently experience!  When asked to describe the personal leadership characteristics that make this sort of transformation possible, Sara has two answers. First – “resilience… in the face of a non-steady state environment”; and second – an “unwavering commitment to what’s best for our patients”.  You’ll not want to miss this authentic and insightful interview with someone who is clearly one of the up and coming leaders in the digital health movement.