Episode #30 – ‘Well-Being’ with Dr. Raphaela O’Day, Senior Manager of Evidence and Strategic Content with Johnson & Johnson Health & Wellness Solution

How many of us can define ‘well-being’?  How many of us understand the factors that enhance it?  How many of us think about the issue of ‘well-being’ or do anything about it in the context of ourselves, our employees or the patients that we provide care for?

Dr. O’Day and her multi-disciplinary team have spent years not just defining ‘well-being’, but also learning how to improve it.*

If you have a personal or professional interest in well-being, you’ll be interested in this interview.  

What’ll you hear is Dr. O’Day sharing:

  • 5 modifiable factors (domains) that contribute to well-being.
  • How these 5 domains of well-being impact our health and influence our ability to change behavior.
  • Specific tactics to positively impact these 5 domains of well-being.
  • How well-being – as a ‘global determinant of health’ – is a critical component of any successful approach to population health – spanning the continuum of care, from people focused on wellness to those who are dealing with chronic disease management.
  • How well-being is a highly advantageous, integral part of any employee health program, in terms of its impact on human performance and resilience, as well as its impact on health outcomes.

I have heard Dr. O’Day speak on this topic a number of times; and I learn something new and important each time.   

In the second half of the interview she also shares some of the personal experiences, which have shaped her thinking on human behavior, performance and growth.

The conversation then meanders into a deeper discussion on existential issues such as meaning and purpose. It becomes abundantly apparent that this work is highly meaningful to Dr. O’Day, not only as a professional, but also as a fellow human being.  It’s clear that she not only talks the talk, but also walks the walk, when it comes to well-being.

As always, I hope you get as much out of this interview as I do.


*The information Dr. O’Day shared, specifically related to ‘well-being’ research & development performed at Johnson & Johnson, is proprietary, and is the intellectual property of J&J.