Episode #33: Lessons on Healthcare Media & Leadership – with Scott Becker, founder & publisher of the Becker’s Healthcare & Becker’s Hospital Review

Friends & colleagues,

This week’s podcast episode is unusual in a number of ways.  First, we’re posting a bit earlier in the week than usual – to coincide with the Becker’s Hospital Review 9th Annual Conference.  Second, the topics covered are exciting, enlightening and relevant; but definitely different for this podcast series.  Third, we have a unique guest on this week’s episode – someone who brings tremendous expertise and success in a broad range of areas inlcuding healthcare law, business, leadership, online media & journalism & world-class symposia planning.

In addition to his own extraordinary accomplishments and contributions to healthcare, Scott Becker has had the unique vantage point and experience of speaking with and learning, first-hand, from world-class leaders and celebrities, as well as renowned healthcare system leaders.  In this special interview, Mr. Becker shares with us the wisdom he’s gleaned from over two decades of steering one of the leading, most prolific and influential healthcare media outlets and forums.

Some highlights from this this interview include:

(1) Scott’s astute observations of the current healthcare market dynamics; and a discerning assessment of the unprecedented challenges and pressures facing hospital & healthcare system leaders;

(2) a number of profound pearls on leadership, teamwork and business development;

(3) his unique insights into healthcare media, communication & journalism – lessons that have made, and continue to make, the daily Becker’s Reports & conferences so popular and so immensely valuable to healthcare executives, leaders and influencers at all levels, and in all sectors of healthcare.

From my perspective, Scott exemplifies the best qualities of the great leaders he informs us about.  In addition to his intelligence, experience, strategic acumen and track record of delivering on great results; he is a generous, forward-thinking, inspiring and empathetic leader.  What is also abundantly apparent is that Mr. Scott Becker is keenly focused – first and foremost – on identifying & solving the problems of his customers and consumers.

As always, I hope you get as much out of this interview as I have!