Episode 36 – Insights into Creating a Model Healthcare System – w/ Dr. Mark Briesacher, Chief Physician Executive & President, Intermountain Med Group

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a model healthcare system?  In this interview, Dr. Mark Briesacher provides us with profound insight into how Intermountain Healthcare consistently maintains its position at the forefront of clinical outcomes, improvement & innovation.  Mark informs us that the organization’s original charge was to create “a Model Healthcare System.” What you’ll discover in this interview is how he and his colleagues have taken that charge to heart.

One manifestation of that charge is the “Clinical Reorganization” being deployed to create a consumer-oriented, community-based model of healthcare.  Dr. Briesacher describes a two-part construct – a highly innovative community division focused on long-term health, prevention & wellness; and an acute, episodic-care division composed of specialty surgical/medical centers-of-excellence.  Mark discusses the unique contributions of each, and also emphasizes the synergistic intersection between them – which leads to optimal decisions about appropriateness of care as well as world class health outcomes.

Another example of creating ‘a Model Healthcare System’ is the innovative insurance product called ‘SelectHealth Share’ – an offering of Intermountain’s embedded SelectHealth Plan. This product creates explicit shared accountability between the Employers/Employees (customer), the SelectHealth Plan & Intermountain Healthcare providers.  All of this contributes to what Mark refers to as a “community” of health.  

A third illustration of creating ‘a Model Healthcare System” is the consumer-oriented, digitally-powered, transformational patient experience that Intermountain Healthcare is building – which, as Mark points out,  “… all starts with the digital front door that removes as much friction as possible.”

Toward the end of our interview, Mark shares a number of heartwarming and inspiring stories from his upbringing.  Please don’t miss this! These snapshots provide us with an understanding of how and why his personal values are so highly aligned with Intermountain’s long-standing culture of excellence, integrity and community service.

Mark is, without question, a highly capable and humble servant leader; and Intermountain Healthcare is the quintessential ‘learning organization’.  Dr. Briesacher and his colleagues are brilliantly carrying out their charge to create ‘a Model Healthcare System’.  There are numerous lessons and learnings to be gleaned & emulated from their example!

As always I hope you get as much out of this interview as I have!

Zeev Neuwirth, MD