Episode #38: Affordable Concierge Primary Care – Honoring Seniors & Delivering Better Health Outcomes

Friends & colleagues,

The care of patients with chronic medical conditions represents a significant dilemma in healthcare today. How do we optimize cost effectiveness while achieving good health outcomes? In today’s interview, we learn how ChenMed empowers primary care physicians to deploy a VIP concierge experience that delivers affordability and outstanding health outcomes for seniors. My esteemed guest is the CEO of ChenMed, Dr. Chris Chen, a cardiologist & physician executive who has devoted his career to building this premier practice focused on the care of low to moderate income patients with complex, chronic medical & social issues.

In this interview, we’ll explore how ChenMed manifests its vision to: (1) be America’s leading primary care provider; and (2) transform care for those who need it the most – the elderly, the sick and the poor.

Key topics covered include:

     · Specific tactics ChenMed uses to deliver outstanding outcomes that mutually and simultaneously benefit patient well-being, provider satisfaction, and payor success.

     · How ChenMed’s focus on preventive primary care demonstrably improves health outcomes & reduces the need for downstream “catastrophic” care such as ED visits & hospitalizations.

     · The training and development of ChenMed’s incoming physicians – building their readiness for accountability as well as advanced training in service orientation, finance and leadership.  

     · The holistic approach ChenMed takes in the ‘care’ of people – focusing on lifestyle issues, social supports & behaviors – rather than solely on clinical ‘healthcare’.  

Throughout the interview, Chris shares the underlying mission-driven philosophy that differentiates his practice from others. He reveals numerous pearls in the second half of the interview you’ll not want to miss.  Of note, in addition to the intense focus on person-centered care, Chris also describes how ChenMed creates a supportive, respectful & meaningful environment for physicians and other providers.

If you’d like to understand what outstanding ‘triple-aim’ primary care looks like, this is the ticket. Chris informs us that the three values upon which ChenMed’s strategy & tactics are built are love, accountability & passion.  Many organizations use these words.  ChenMed clearly makes them part of their daily operation. I always leave my conversations with Chris with a renewed sense of conviction, courage and hope.  I suspect you will as well.

As always, I hope you get as much out of this interview as I have!

Zeev Neuwirth, MD