2018 Year-End Reflections & Emerging Trends in Healthcare with Zeev Neuwirth

Dear Listeners,

I promised you a lively interview to close out the year on Creating a New Healthcare, and thanks to the assistance of my colleague, Dr. Lisa Gualtieri, I hope this one won’t disappoint.

In this episode, the tables are once again turned – as Lisa interviews me on how my expectations for healthcare in 2018 have played out, and what I see as trends in 2019.

It’s a bit anxiety-provoking to be interviewed for your own podcast without knowing the questions in advance; but Lisa did an expert job of keeping the dialogue focused on the major shifts, tensions and emergent trends in healthcare.
To give you a taste of what you’ll hear, here are some of the questions posed:

  • What were the trends you predicted a year ago and how accurate were you?
  • This year, the podcast focused on topics like the shift to consumerism in healthcare. How do you see that benefiting healthcare and what’s on the horizon in 2019?
  • The social determinants of health have been a theme throughout many of the podcasts. Is that something that will be given a lot more attention in 2019?
  • Is the issue of physician burnout going to be better addressed in 2019?
  • What’s coming next in 2019 for Creating a New Healthcare?

Towards the end of the podcast, I put out a request to the ‘Creating a New Healthcare’ community.
I’m hoping that you’ll respond in that I very much would like to hear your thoughts and recommendations.

We will be back in 2019, with our first episode planned for January 10th.

I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season and a joyous New Year.!

And, as always, express my tremendous gratitude for your continued interest and support in creating a new healthcare.