Episode #161: Advanced Primary Care – with Neil Wagle, Chief Medical Officer at Devoted Health


As we’ve described and discussed before in this podcast, Primary Care in the US is on life-support and the prognosis does not look good. The implications for all of us is dire – as we look at what is nothing less than the demise of primary preventive care in our country. Our guest today has devoted his career to trying to revive and save primary care.  And in this episode we’ll discover what he and his colleagues are doing.

Our guest today, Dr. Neil Wagle, earned his MD at Harvard Medical School and his MBA at Harvard Business School. He trained in Primary Care Medicine at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital. As the Chief Medical Officer at Devoted Health, Neil has led the build of an advanced primary care model that complements the traditional care that people receive from their primary care providers. 

In this interview, we’ll discover:

  1. The fundamental problem with Primary Care as it’s being structured and organized today, and Devoted Health’s ”all-in-one” solution.
  2. The comprehensive clinical service lines Devoted Health has constructed in its advanced primary care model as well as the 5 major organizational components supporting their clinical care and health plan.
  3. How the providers at Devoted Health are “flipping the script” – focusing on patients’ perspectives and priorities.
  4. The incredible outcomes that Devoted Health is achieving.

Neil is one of the emerging superstars in our healthcare system. It’s inspiring to hear his humanistic leadership principles and the consumer-centric, service-oriented culture that he and his colleagues have created at Devoted Health. This episode is a masters class in advanced primary care and another not-to-be-missed dialogue.

Wishing you all the best of health and wellness!

Zeev Neuwirth, MD