Episode #163: A Strategy to Provide Personalized Primary Care for Seniors – with Vivek Garg, MD, the Chief Medical Officer at Humana’s Primary Care Organization


Primary care for seniors is different from care for younger patients. Yet, very few providers across the country have a different and distinct strategy to care for their aging senior patients. In this interview, we’ll be introduced to an organization that has made taking care of seniors a priority.

  1. The fundamental problems with attempting to apply generic primary care to senior care.
  2. The significant investments and thoughtful approaches that Humana has taken to create comprehensive and customized care for seniors, while also addressing inequities in care.
  3. The specific value-based care model design and data enablement that Humana has developed to support clinicians in meeting the care needs of senior patients.

It’s remarkable to hear Dr. Vivek Garg discuss the multi-year strategy and tremendous commitment that has gone into the CenterWell Brand at Humana. One of the things I appreciate about Dr. Garg is his humility and transparency – about what Humana has achieved as well as what more we ALL need to achieve in order to provide the type of care that the aging senior population requires. As I mention in the closing comments of this interview, we need the type of leadership that Dr. Garg manifests – a leadership focused on outcomes that truly matter to people and communities.

Wishing you all the best of health and wellness in the New Year!

Zeev Neuwirth, MD